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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you carry or process wild game?



Can I purchase a whole, half, or quarter animal from you?

No. We have a small facility and are only able to store enough meat to stock our retail cases.


Will you process animals from my farm?

Possibly. We're always looking to expand our network of local farmers for our retail case but we cannot process for your farm store at this time.


Do you slaughter?

No. All the meat in our shop comes from off-site, inspected slaughter facilities.


Can I call ahead to place a custom order?

No. We don't have a phone number or email address. Because we butcher whole animals, as opposed to bringing in "boxed meat", we have limited quantities of each cut. When you stop in, you'll see that we're happy to suggest a comparable cut if we're out of the specific cut you're looking for. This often results in our customers discovering a new (and more affordable) cut they've never tried.


Where are your Jalapeno Cheddar Brats, Hawaiian Brats, etc?

We could make them, we just don't. There's a vast selection of great sausages found throughout the world and we do our best to pay respect, not only to our craft but, to the many cultural and culinary traditions practiced throughout history. We aim to highlight some of the varieties that aren't available at the supermarket.


Do you carry marinated meats?

No. That's an easy way to mask and charge more for old product. We always try to let the freshness and quality of our products speak for itself.


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